Pioneering awareness initiative for Restoration of The River Jamuna 1982-1983

South Asia’s First NGO Investigative Seminar “River Jamuna: Sink or Swim?”
Begin on World Environment Day 05 June 1983

MCD Primary School and Govt – Boys Middle School Okhla and the rubbish bin and the open toilet !
Okhla village bye- lane Residence for human beings and for buffaloes
Batla House Pond
Ghafoor Nagar Garbage dump

Editor’s Note
The People’s march from Okhla Village to NFC street play, slogans and sustained persuasion cleaning water hyacinths, Cleaning toilets and CLEANLINESS Awareness collective efforts of experts and NGOs led to the Jamuna Revival Plan by DDA 1990 and finally to the River Jamuna Action Plan 1993 by The Union Ministry/ies of Environment and Urban Affairs and the DDA, also reflected in Delhi Master Plans 2001 and 2021.