Conversazione designs and initiates Action Plan Against Drug Abuse

“A monument goes to seed” Action Plan Developed : Nizamuddin Basti

Conversazione President Sydney Rebeiro addresses the partisipants at the DIALOGUE, with Minister Mr Digvijay Singh and former Housing Scretary Mr NJ Kamath IAS Retd, Project Convener Mr KB Gupta, and YMCA Nizamuddin in charge Mr Joy, among others
IIC Environment group convener Mrs K Chattopadhyay, Citizen Advice Burean Chief Mr HD Dewan, JNU Professors JN and Arun Dave, educationist Ranjana Srivastava, INSOD President Mr HN Mota at the DIALOGUE on 23 Oct 83.
Chair: Professor PN Kirpal
Ch UNESCO Executive Board 1970-1972
Ch DPS Society Secretary Education Govt of India
R2: Professor Devendra Mohan MD AIIMS
Youth Representatives and Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs Senior Officer
L C 42’s Vijay Sharma and speaker SC Arora ( currently , VCh Lotus Valley Intl Schools ) R Dr Reeta Sahney ( Gargi ) and Dr Ashum Gupta ( LSR )
L Row 2 Alka Mehrotra ( KN )
Citizen Advice Burean President HD Dewan makes a point at the 23 Oct 83 DIALOGUE while DDA Vice-Chairman Harish Khanna IAS and Conversazione President Sydney Rebeiro “responded”.