A Conversazione Seminar on “India in the Eighties” Chief Guest Mr Jagmohan LG Delhi at The New Delhi YMCA 1980

Challenges of “India in the Eighties” Delhi LG JAGMOHAN

A panel discussion on INDIA IN THE 80s
It was organised at the YMCA Tourist Hostel on 23 April 1980 at 6:30pm. It was chaired by the then Lt. Governor of Delhi Mr Jagmohan amoung the panelists were Mr Inder Malhotra on media and Mrs S Butalia on women’s rights and Mr KA Khan MD on minorities. Mr Jagmohan with his introductory remarks said that the 1980s represented a watershed in the socio-economic life of the nation,
The problem was how to meet the people’s hasic needs of food, clothing and shelter with reverse order suice the population was estimated to rise to 700 or 750 million by 1990s.