Conversazione leads the Nation on “Films, Halls and Tickets”: a first-time Citizen Initiative

Presents a pioneering Cine-Consumer Report with far-reaching impact.

R-L Mr. Vijay Naraim ITAL Seth (Owner Novelty / Ritz / Jagat Cinemas), Mr. Vijay Sharma (Scriptwriter – Distributor), President Sydney R Rebeiro, Jt CP NK Singhal IPS and DU Goldmedalist Tojo Joseph
L C 42’s Vijay Sharma and speaker SC Arora (currently , VCh Lotus Valley Intl Schools and Founder Princial Apeejay School NOIDA)
R Dr Reeta Sahney (Gargi) and Dr Ashum Gupta (LSR)
L Row 2 Alka Mehrotra (KN)
Chairperson K Bikran Singh Director film festivals of India Award winning film maker, Panelists N K SInghal IPS, Sydney and Vijay Sharma
Panel Discussion on “Cinema, Halls and Tickets”. A 3D Project that brought instant Results to benefit the average everyday cinegoers. “Cinema Halls and Tickets”