Conversazione coordinates Human Rights / Free Nelson Mandela Campaign

With United Nations Information Centre, India Internation Centre IIC and African National Congress South Africa

UNIC 55 Lodi Estate New Delhi


2 L Dr Sidney Molifi Chief African National Congress ANC , Moderator: Dr SC BHatia (University of Delhi), Dr Salim Saleens Dir UNIC, President Sydney Rebeiro
Dr SC Bhatia and Dr Salim Saleem Director UNIC and Yogendra Bali R Times of India
L K B Gupta ( University of Delhi )
L Dr Ranjana Srivastava and Dr Manju Puri Avinashi ( Gargi College DU +JNU )
R: Chairman: Mr K J Joseph Director PR Indian Airlines
R Mr Yogendra Bali Metro Chief The Times of India
The Square Table Endeavour!
L: Principal Dr NA Siddiqui, Rehana, KB Gupta and Capt Dr Ved P Verma (SBS College University of Delhi)

Editor’s Note-
Some years later, following strong and insistent Human Rghts voices across continents, Mr Nelson Mandela was freed after tortuous years of imprisonment.
The Nobel Peace laureate preached and inspired generations towards Peace and Reconciliation.