Dialogue: “The Rise and Fall of Youth Revolutions” Conversazione with Dr Stephen Hess India International Centre in cooperation with USIS (American Center US Embassy) 1974

The Dialogue was hold in the original Committee Room of IIC which is now The IC Library Reading room.

Seminar on “The Rise and Fall of youth Revolutions was initiated by STEPHEN HESS, a Senior Fellow of Governmental Studies at Brooking University, U.S.A who has been National Chaiman of the White House Conference on Children and Youth until early 1972. The seminar, held at India International Centre on 19 April 1974, prohed the new Consciousness represented by youth the world over The Indian Perpective of the issue was discussed by P.K. Balachandran. Prof PV Indiresan, Head of Radar studies, I.I.T. New Delhi acted as Moderator.